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Starting from an early age I had an urge to design spaces. I had knack for organizing, was naturally drawn to matching patterns with colors and was fascinated by transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary.

As I got older, my interest in interior design and developing my skills continued to grow. This led me to studying visual merchandising and interior design while attending The University of Kentucky. In my four years there, I was challenged by the curriculum and projects but rewarded with indispensable knowledge, amazing travel opportunities and the chance to meet and work beside a group of peers who shared my same passion and goals.

Since graduating in 2007, I have been working within the interior design community in Louisville and pursuing my dream. After several years of learning from and working for designers in my hometown, I knew I was ready to make my own mark in the interior design community. So I started my own design studio--Willow Park.

“I believe that good design is beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing”.jpg

My passion to create beautiful spaces has never wavered. The enjoyment I get from seeing the room’s potential and being a part of the transformation is immeasurable. I always want my clients to be just as excited during the design process as I am, and to feel amazing in the spaces we create together. Our surroundings are deeply connected to our feelings and mindset. To positively impact someones mood and everyday life by improving their home is such a joy for me and is why I truly love what I do.

I collaborate closely with my clients to meld décor with their lifestyles and personalities and am known to blend a mixture of new and vintage furniture and accessories to create a timeless space that feels comfortable and collected. I love travel and am always on the search for unique pieces and inspired artisans that will bring a special element to my clients' homes.

The best rooms are a reflection of the people that inhabit them. Where you live should be a representation of yourself and all the things you love. I am so grateful for the opportunity to come into people's lives and help to make their houses into homes.

On days when I am not meeting with clients or working on design projects, you can find me relaxing with my pets, spending time with family and friends or traveling to new destinations and checking them off my bucket list. All the while, I’m continuously finding inspiration around me and gaining knowledge in unexpected ways.